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Here’s Surprising BAD NEWS About Tax Changes in Europe That Will Affect YOUR Online Business. Yes, YOURS! Learn What To Do, RIGHT NOW


  • Identify all sales channels you’re using for digital products
  • Confirm the contractual relationship for each sales channel
  • Identify the European jurisdictions in which you make sales
  • Confirm your need for VAT registration on a country-by-country basis or assess whether the MOSS scheme is suitable
  • Register for VAT in each jurisdiction – or – register for MOSS and set up a reporting and payment system for each jurisdiction.
  • Decide whether you’ll offer a single VAT- inclusive price and absorb the different VAT rates as a cost, or offer an individual retail price for each jurisdiction.
  • If you sell through online retailers, such as Amazon or Apple iTunes, be ready for price negotiations because they’ll likely want publishers to absorb the increased VAT costs.
  • Set up a monitoring system to ensure your VAT obligations are accounted for.

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Discover How To Market To A 500 Million Strong, Highly Targeted Traffic Source And Rake In Tons Of Cold Hard Profits Easily!


  • With this product, you’ll tap into the basics of using Facebook to market your business effectively.
  • You’ll also be exposed to some powerful strategies used by experts to rake in massive profits using Facebook.
  • Have you heard of viral marketing? This product teaches you how you can tap into its infinite marketing power!

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Learn How You Can Make Thousands of Dollars a Month in Extra Income by Effectively Using Google AdSense on Your Website


  • Why using AdSense is crucial for any content website
  • The basics on how to get started making money with AdSense
  • Five effective strategies to improve your AdSense earnings
  • How to Monetize your website with AdSense
  • Techniques to make sure you are using AdSense the correct way
  • Methods of using other peoples info to increase your AdSense earnings
  • How to avoid getting your AdSense account terminated for life
  • Where you can find more resources

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Emergency Online Cash is a fast soloution for marketers to start generating money online. Whatever the emergency whether its money for Christmas gifts or a bill to pay it can help to generate quick cash at an almost push button rate.


  • 7 module training course
  • Simple instructions
  • Fill in templates
  • Checklist keep on track
  • Exclusive webinar and Facebook Group

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Google is a wild animal! Cracking the very first page has practically become hopeless.

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